Dog Grooming - Bath, Wash, and Nail Trim

Zoomies is the best place in town for hassle free services to keep your dog clean and healthy. Our professional handler can make nail trimming a pleasant experience for even the squirmiest dogs.

We offer comprehensive a-la-carte maintenance grooming and dog wash services that are great for after a run through the mud in the park, keep your house free of hair during shedding seasons, or touch-ups between visits to the groomers.

Keeping your dog clean and tidy has never been easier! 

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Self wash Bath Nail trim

Self Service Dog Wash

"U-Wash"     $15

 shampoo & towels included

Bath & Blow Dry

"We-Wash"     $30

 leave the clean up to us!


          Nail Trim     $10



Ear cleaning Teeth brushing Dematting

Ear Cleaning     $5


Teeth Brushing     $10

complete with breath freshening and tartar elimnation spray


Brushing     $20/30min

Dematting   $20/30min




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